Ad Agency Ailments and You

2 Oct

I’m not the only one who has afflictions at the shop. While I’m shoving three Excedrin down my throat, there’s 4 people standing near me debating the merits of their sleep aids (I think I found a new one that’s “all natural” even though I’m typically averse to that concept). Down the hall, our new biz manager has a file cabinet full of antacids and our creatives are more addicted to Rockstar than I am. A colleague at a nearby agency always has a pocket full of little blue pills. And alcohol is a given (I’m quitting right after this last vodka rocks…). Seems we’re all trying to eradicate the feelings we’re paid to elicit in people to buy our clients’ products and services. It’s pedantic and boring, but spend more time observing the person next to you at the agency, and you’ll have the next great idea for your client. Trust me. Is there any more vodka?

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