There Are Similarities Here

1 Oct

I finally watched 30 Rock for the first time this weekend after tons of my friends saying they love it. There are a lot of parallels with the advertising world on that show – it makes me a little uncomfortable. The people are eerily the same. A friend told me I have a lot in common with Alec Baldwin’s character, Jack. This is quite frightening. Might have been his way of telling me he thinks I’m a overworked, meddling psychopath. Am I? Shit.

This banner ad on Gawker for it makes me want to click through for one reason: Tracy Morgan’s face. Love it. So when I did click through, I was pleasantly surprised. The site for the show (lives within is actually really well done! Tons of content, streaming video, etc. But if you’re on a Mac, like me, you’re fucked. Can’t see/watch anything interesting.

30 Rock

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