Next Thing You Know I’ll Buy A Mr. Microphone

1 Oct

Everyone in our agency is on with iTunes and shares all their playlists, and I just joined up – the last person ever. Secretly, though – I don’t want any of those jackasses as my “friends”. I like the concept, but I’m surprised there’s not more advertising on it. Site traffic must be extremely low. If you pay $3 a month, you can have no advertising, but I don’t really find it that obtrusive in the first place. I like it – if you’re a client, put some goddamn banners on there because I just know this thing’s gonna go belly up any day now.

One Response to “Next Thing You Know I’ll Buy A Mr. Microphone”

  1. NB October 1, 2007 at 5:43 pm #

    A friend at CBS, which bought LastFM, said they just created a new ad sales division dedicated to selling LastFM ad space. So buckle up for more ads once this group gets off the ground

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