Monday At The Agency. Yay.

1 Oct

I love the smell of advertising in the morning! I feel like it’s not Monday, though. Went to a cookout at my boss’ house yesterday afternoon for a few hours and he announced a re-org that he’d explain more about today. He hinted that I’ll have an entirely new team (which has happened 2 times this year already) and some of my accounts will be transitioned to someone else, while I’ll take on some new ones. This is not good news and my clients won’t be happy. In fact, one in particular gets irate when our team members change. On a separate note, I think I’m going to have a phone interview tomorrow (their HR called me early last week, out of the blue), and I’m looking forward to that, even though I love the people at my agency. Well, I don’t love them all, but maybe half. Okay…most are, at best, tolerable. I kid, I kid.

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