Deutsch/LA Snews

17 Sep

Tom Dunlap (from W+K and Omnicom) stakes his claim as SVP of integrated production (whatever the hell that means) at Deutsch/LA in Marina Del Rey. I read the article in Adweek only because I once would have died to have worked there. Now, eh. How many interactive geniuses can one agency possibly hold? The article by Gregory Solman was interesting. “TBWA/Chiat/Day..blah blah…Wieden…blah blah…community with a monk…blah…part of a revolution…blah blah..TGI Friday’s….California Cheese…blah.” There you go. You don’t even have to read the article now (but do anyway as Greg’s a great writer). Just burned my bridge there, didn’t I? Fuck. Erm. Nice hair?

(Tom Dunlap)

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