But Can I Take It?

10 Sep

PW called me last night, worried he hadn’t heard from me in a couple of weeks. PW is one of the top ad guys in the country. He has a to-die-for boyfriend and a drool-worthy midtown Manhattan apartment. And he’s quite smart, so I tend to listen to him.  After developing a muscle twitch (hello, Mexican muscle relaxers) listening to the latest compendium of work his group is doing, I proceeded to whine and moan for a half hour about my job. His advice? Move to Poland. Said I’d be the high-powered American ad exec in a sea of leaderless interactive talent and I’d be rolling in zloty. I said I’d rather move to San Francisco, and work for the big M. PW said I’m not moody and temperamental enough to work for them. Decisions, decisions.


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