I Hate Flying. I’m Taking A Boat Next Time.

8 Sep

Never fails. Every time I get on a plane, someone tries to talk to me. This time, I was surrounded by a group of golfers who were obviously at the airport bar for hours beforehand.

Golfer: Hey little lady, whatcha doin in this neck of the country?
Me: Just here on business (begins acting overly interested in iPod).
Golfer: You sure are pretty. Would you like some coconut hand lotion?

Ugh. At least the meet and greet with my new client went well, if too quickly. And for some reason I feel like my underwear are made of sandpaper. But that’s another story. And since I’ll be traveling to that part of the country every few weeks now to see these jackasses, I’m going to have to think of another way to make plane travel more pleasant. It would definitely be nice if I could fly Virgin every time – loooovvvve their planes and all the gadgets at your seat. These new little spots for Virgin America on YouTube are fun – and totally show what they’ve got going on without being too serious like some other airlines who shall remain nameless.

(via Adfreak)

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