Clients Who Don’t Listen

31 Aug

I really thought I’d have nothing to post about today until I got an email from Frat Boy. He says he doesn’t like the logos we did for them (they were fabulous) and they decided to make their own. I clicked to open the attachment while at the same time squeezing my eyes shut in anticipatory horror. It couldn’t have been worse. It looked like one of those airbrushed t-shirts stupid people buy at touristy beach shops. With beveling. And a drop shadow. And multi-colored gradients. HA! I’m laughing but I also want to vomit.



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  1. The Problem With Your Clients « Agency Spy - August 31, 2007

    […] AgencyTart has a post today about such a horrible expierence, which has inspired us to call for your stories. Email them to us at agencyspy at mediabistro dot com or use the comment box. We’ll then pull them out for a running series. We’d really like to known which brand you’re talking about. Of course, feel free to say automotive or shampoo brand if you’re still working with these folks. […]

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