My Favorite Hangover Remedy

25 Aug

I have 2 hangover solutions which work for me every time.

1) Orange Gatorade, Excedrin and a Bacon Double Cheeseburger
2) 2 Bloody Marys

I haven’t quite decided which one I’ll choose – I know that first I have to be able to see more than 3 feet before I should get in the car.  Some friends of mine are addicted to vitaminwater and swear by it for a hangover. I’m not going to chance veering from success. I do like the banner ad for a new microsite they have. No flash – just a weird little headline that caught my attention (they should really train monkeys to do bikini waxes – it would be much less embarrassing). The microsite is a boring piece of crap with that stupid voice simulator that everyone’s heard a million times.

Vitamin Water

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