A Bleary Eyed Tart

15 Aug

I’m completely fried and looking at another long night at the office with only the window washers to keep me company. There’s 2 enormous presentations next week – one a branding research study and the other a 26 million dollar media pitch. My problem is this: I have to present the research study to a very large group of people and my public speaking skills are appalling. And when I invariably hit a low point in a speech, I make off-color jokes for no apparent reason. So I ‘m writing down the exact words I’m going to say so that doesn’t happen. Outcome is not favorable.

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  1. RPW August 17, 2007 at 3:08 pm #

    That’s actually not that bad of a tactic. I had to give a preso a few months ago on the phone to a bunch of clients. I wrote up notes in the Powerpoint slides, and rehearsed them ver batium. By the time I got to presenting it, I was able to ad lib with a lot more confidence — sort of like rehearsing for a play i guess?

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