Update on my boss, like you care

9 Aug

So a couple of weeks ago Brad had a total freak-out for 2 days, making everyone dive for their personal vodka stash in their file cabinets. I preferred to go the classic route of a couple of little blue pills (Viagra). Anyway, we’ve always known Brad is bi-polar but that week was one for the books. I couldn’t help it, but I typed up a note and slipped it under his door suggesting he get on medication, preferably sooner rather than later. About a half hour after that, the office gets this email:


How about we get out of the office and take a little time to enjoy ourselves? As this year has been uber-successful, each day brings us new challenges and new business. The work coming out of our shop has been the best our parent company has ever seen. Each and every one of you should be very proud of yourselves for your accomplishments.

Let’s plan on the evening of Wednesday, August 15. Once again, thanks for all you do – you guys are simply the best!


WTF. Maybe after he got that note, he pulled out his extra large bottle of Paxil and downed a couple. I can’t wait for this cocktail party – I love when he gets smashed and starts staring at our project manager’s implants.

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