Four Seasons Boring Boring

10 Jul

My mini-vacation was great but the Hyatt I stayed in was no Four Seasons, and definitely no Four Seasons Bora Bora (although my mini-bar did have Pringles and Ritz crackers). I have these pretentious asshole friends who stayed there for a month on their honeymoon and I still turn green with envy every time I think about the photos from their trip. So when I saw on Favourite Website Awards that The Four Seasons Bora Bora had a new site for their private residences, I made a beeline over there. The video is fabulous – well rendered, compressed and beautifully shot, but the rest of the site is a big yawn. Can’t blame the agency though – we all know how that works. Take a look – you’ll probably disagree and think I’m a stupid jealous bitch. And I am.

Four Seasons

(site by Sid Lee – whose agency site is very, very cool)

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