Smack, Smack, Smack

21 Jun

Everybody’s talking smack today at the office and I’ve about had it – I so wish that lady down the hall would turn up her Yanni so I could calm down. I needed a same day turnaround for a comp change and the creatives basically told me they were too busy and to push back on the client. The change was this: change the words “Contest Starts 7/15/07” to “Sweepstakes Begins June 15th” and change a button from green to red. Yeah, that takes more than a day. So what did I do? I opened Illustrator and made the change myself, boarded up the comp and then got reamed by the art director for not “keeping creative with the creatives”. Eff off, jackass.

Maybe I’m not really mad. Maybe I’m having an epileptic seizure from this Audi expandable-on-rollover banner I just saw on BannerBlog. I love it though – definitely will get attention on the page. Great job by DoubleYou in Barcelona. Check out their site, too – very clever.

Audi TT Banner

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