Technical Ineptitude

15 Jun

A national promotions agency wants us to partner with them on some microsites for professional sports teams.  We went to their offices this morning to show off our stuff and it was possibly the most embarrassing presentation of my life.  Our senior managing partner, our new biz manager and I were there, with our senior guy (Jack) doing the talking.  He couldn’t even set up the projector.  It took him 17 minutes (I timed it).  He looked like a total retard. I didn’t help because I’d just have been in the way. Right.  I don’t think we’ll be getting the business.

Jack would never be able to play Guitar Hero.  iFood did this killer expandable/interactive banner for Guitar Hero II – I love the KISS looking guy.  And it loads quickly and actually does something when you interact with it. Novel!

Guitar Hero

(courtesy of BannerBlog)

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