I don’t care about your damn car

14 Jun

I love our semi-open work environment, where we can all share ideas and insult each other. But smelly Jeans Guy won’t stop his incessant chatter about his Porsche Cayenne and his wife’s new 5 series BMW. So when he got rear-ended two days ago and and complained all day about the $12k repair costs I laughed in his face. Mean, maybe. Satisfying, definitely. Today he thinks he has whiplash, so I keep calling his name when he’s walking in front of me so he has to turn his head around.

Check out the site for Argentinian artist Ricardo Liniers (below) – Saltamonte did a fantastic job of showcasing his work. He would be fabulous to use on an interactive site – reminds me of high level Adidas microsite illustrations. Turn the light off on the desktop – the little guy has decidedly more neck rotation than Jeans Guy.

Ricardo Liniers


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  1. jeff June 14, 2007 at 11:44 am #

    There is nothing funnier than the misfortune of others.

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