Ask the Tart, No. 2

14 Jun

Evan from Evanston writes:

q: if a train leaves chicago at 4pm heading east going 60 miles an hour and another leaves joliet heading north at the same time going 50 miles an hour, when will my client realize that the campaign they want is just so wrong for them but can’t seem to understand?

Dear Evan,

You’re not smarter than a 5th grader, are you? Last time I looked there’s no train that goes east over Lake Michigan. But I digress. The problem with clients who think they know what they want is this: you’ll execute the campaign and then they’ll fire you for failing. You have 2 choices. Tell them you don’t think the project is a good fit for you and show them the door. But that’s only if you have enough cushion to be able to do that. Or, do it and then title your campaign recap PowerPoint, “I Told You So”. I like the second choice.


Agency Tart

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