Google Ads Are Boring

12 Jun

Unless you convert them to Swedish Chef copy, and then you’ll see your CTR soar. I saw this ad on PopSugar tonight and I was so bored by it. I wanted to click on it to support the Sugars, but I fell asleep while thinking about it. But now, after some crafty wordsmithing, I think PopSugar will take heed for future ad placements. My point is this – you better be adept at writing concise and snappy ad copy to get dumbasses people to click on text ads. Too bad bloggers can’t filter out what crap ads they get with Google.



One Response to “Google Ads Are Boring”

  1. redbricks June 15, 2007 at 5:01 pm #

    awesome. we write many many ppc ads here and your post touched a nerve…a good nerve. i like your blog. very funny stuff. thanks.

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