Do We Need Clients?

29 May

Okay, okay. I know they pay our bills and our world revolves around their many, many, stupid, insignificant needs. But today I am so over them.  I have a new client who’s in the sportswear industry. He wants a site exactly like the competition, all the way down to the navigation, search terms and banner campaign.  He even sent me photos of their models for us to recreate in a photo shoot.  Do I really want my name associated with this? I’d say yes if I was going to get a bonus out of it because I seriously lack ethics, but the measly budget doesn’t even put a dent in my target.

I need a cigarette. But then I saw this interactive Australian site and was reminded that I have asthma. If I would have seen this site as a child, I would have never started smoking.  Hash doesn’t cause asthma attacks though, right?  I love the talent on this site – good casting.

Bronchs 1

(Tequila,  Sydney)

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