All Quiet on the Agency Front

29 May

It’s 9:37 am and I don’t think one lick of work has been done yet today.  We have so many projects due this week but everyone’s either hungover (I think that’s just me) or needs a day off from the day off.   I’m predicting we get going around 3. I’m just glad I made it to work, to tell you the truth – my synapses are definitely not firing right now.

Last night I was perusing Ads of the World and came across this site for Mentos Gum – addictive like popping bubble wrap.  Maybe it was because I was still under the influence, but I screwed around on the site for 20 minutes.  And then I began obsessively worrying about fresh breath.  Not sure why.

Mentos 1

Cossette, Montreal

One Response to “All Quiet on the Agency Front”

  1. Chenney May 30, 2007 at 12:14 am #

    I liked how in the gallery, they allow profane images and words like “pussyman.” I highly doubt that would be even considerable for a Mentos interactive in the states.

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