Miserable and Pouty or Advertising Snobbery

14 May

We’re partnering with another agency in town on a campaign for a big insurance company and we had our weekly meeting at their offices this morning. Every time I go there it’s like I’m walking into the east wing of the Vatican library – hushed voices and priestly black. No one ever smiles – not sure its the I’m-a-creative-genius-f@#%head front or if they all just hate their jobs. I cracked wise over death and dismemberment insurance and didn’t even get one smirk.

Emerald Nuts seriously has weirdest banner/microsite campaign I’ve seen in a long time. Does anyone under 35 actually know who Robert Goulet is? In the banner you get to crush him with a container of nuts, so that’s fun, but otherwise the concept is bizarre. The banner links to the nut site, but then there’s this sub-site called Goulet’s Snooze Bars, which I think killed a few thousand of my brain cells. See for yourself. I hope they don’t think this thing is gonna be viral – it’s viral like our project manager’s last bout with chlamydia. Has anyone seen the TV commercials?



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  1. Robert Goulet May 22, 2007 at 1:30 am #

    Why you no like my website Snobby? If I was you, working on partnership ads for big insurance companies, I’d be eating Snooze Bars like they were tic tacs. Sweet Dreams, Tart.

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