Why do clients always go for the comps that aren’t your favorite?

23 Mar

Just had a comp review for a microsite with another client today. We did 3 concepts – one we adore and is ultra-cool and ultra-rich, the second is colorful and fun, but vanilla, and the third is standard, boring, static html. We made the 3rd concept boring on purpose to force the client into choosing from the first two. The client loved the 2nd concept, but after lots of begging and pleading, I think she might agree to do the first concept. If she does, I’ll post the creative after it’s done – if I do say so myself, it’s a work of art considering the content.

Check out this agency’s site (Fuel Industries)- in particular the interactive desktop companion pictured below. Great idea for keeping the agency top of mind. Not sure how many people will download it, but it showcases another creative ability of the shop.


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